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Insurance for Commercial Real Estate

Habitational Risks

Creating solutions for your Real Estate needs

We are experts in reviewing insurance policies on  Multi-Family Housing Properties.  We work with Owners and Property Management Companies to perform policy audit reviews.  Often their insurance doesn’t cover what they thought it did, and by reviewing the policies they are able to identify any gaps in coverage.


70% of the time, we find errors on the polices.  If we find nothing wrong, then they know they have a good policy.  On the other hand, if we find something, we are able to show them what they are missing, and fix it.


Eliminate overhead costs by consolidating all of your properties into one master policy.  No matter how small or large your properties are, we can work with you to find the best Insurance solution.  We will listen to you and share our solutions that will help you save on premiums, while ensuring your locations are  properly covered.